Inspiratie: functionaliteit om toe te voegen aan je app of software

Je wilt graag software of een app laten maken, maar je weet niet wat voor functionaliteit je precies nodig hebt. In dit overzicht vindt je een lijst van functionaliteit, waarom je dit zou toepassen, het probleem dat je hiermee kunt oplossen, de kans die je kunt scheppen en de potentiële business case.

Discovery Canvas

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De lijst

Bij 7Lab hebben we al super veel software gemaakt, alles is wel een keer voorbij gekomen. Hieronder een lijst met de meest voorkomende functionaliteit. Deze updaten we continu.

In het Engels, want zo hebben meer mensen er wat aan!

FunctionalityRemarksWhat problem does it solve?
Which opportunity is created?
AuthenticationLog in with, for example, username, email, password, one-time code etc.The system is not public. Data can easily be linked to a logged-in user.
Authentication via third partyLog in via third parties such as Facebook, Google, LinkedIn, Office 365, Okta etc.The system is not public. Data can easily be linked to a logged-in user. Users do not have to log in again and again. Users do not need to create an account.
Email verificationAfter creating an account, users will receive a link to their email address with which they can permanently activate their account.This prevents fake users in your system. This way you prevent notifications and contact with an e-mail address that does not exist.
RightsUsers may only use certain parts of the application or modify a selection of the stored data.The rights of users are limited, this prevents unauthorized actions.
User managementThis allows you to manage users yourself.You do not need a developer to give new colleagues access to your system.
User profilesMore user info is stored than is necessary for authentication. For example a photo, name and address etc.This makes it possible to provide a more personalised user experience. Use of profile pictures stimulates the use of social interaction and recognition.
Payment providerManage payments through creditcard, iDeal, PayPal, Sofort etc.Improve cash flow by letting customers instantly pay. Lower the barrier of payments. Reduce the cost of registering payments.
MultilanguageServe the software interface and communication in multiple languages. Language can be picked by a user.Creates the possibility to appeal to a larger audience for your app or software.
BlogList of (news)articles that can be edited through a backend system.Create your own fan base and inform customers.
Link with third party systemPull, push or sync data with third party systems.Prevent manual data entry to save time, energy and frustration.
Generate PDFCreate PDF document for easy sharing of information outside the system.Make it easy to share documents with third parties without giving them access to your systems.
Export to ExcelExport dataviews to Excel for easy analytics and data manipulation.It’s super easy to manipulate data in Excel, when you are able to export to this format you do not need a developer to create a new dashboard for you. This saves you money. You can also often use Excel files to import data in other systems, this will create independence from the software company you work with.
Import from ExcelCreate new data inside the system by importing an Excel spreadsheet. You won’t need a developer to enrich your database. Save time and money.
SearchSearch for data inside the system.Find data in seconds. Save time.
FilterFilter data in a certain view.Only see the data you want. Save time.
SortingSort date, ascending and descending.Sort data based on priority. Save time and create better insights for better decision making.
WYSIWYG editorUse rich formatting when editing values inside the application. Think Word like functionality: headings, bold, underline, color etc.Presonalise content for a better user experience.
Machine learningDeveloper will use historical data to train a predetermined mathematical machine learning algorithm to make predictions, correlations or decisions based on your data. It can usually be figured out how a machine learning algorithm comes to its decision.Predict values or corrolate variables you never though of. Spot opportunities in your data to act on.
Deep learningDeveloper will use historical data to train a deep learning algorithm to make predictions, correlations or decisions based on your data. It is not always clear how this algorithm comes to its decision, but it will analyse every datapoint you have given it and come up with something.Predict values or corrolate variables you never though of. Spot opportunities in your data to act on.
Share via social mediaLet your users share information through social media buttons.Higher interaction with your content could lead to higher exposure/traffic and in the end more sales. Its free advertising.
Push notificationsNotify users directly in their browser or on their phone while they are not active on your website or app.Be there when no-one expects it. Activate users without annoying them to increase interaction, let them know about important events for faster response times.
Offline supportWork while you have no internet connection.Keep working in (remote) area’s without connectivity. Increases productivity and flexibility.
Camera accessTake photo’s and/or video’s.A picture is worth a thousand words. Save time with data entry.
Microphone accessRecord audio.An audio file is worth the amount of spoken words. Save time with data entry.
Integration with IoT sensorRead data from a third party sensor.Use sensors instead of people to save time with data entry. Let robots takeover the world.

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