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Why we build software

At 7Lab we strive to a better life for you, your colleagues or customers with smart software.

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Discovery Workshop

Concept Sprint

Initial Product Launch

改善 (Kaizen) Agreement

Discovery Workshop

Concept Sprint

Initial Product Launch

改善 (Kaizen) Agreement

A better life with smart software

Discover, prototype, launch

A better life at work and after. That is what we try to achieve with our custom software en apps. We offer four unique services to build something extraordinary: the Discovery Workshop, Concept Sprint, Initial Product Launch and 改善 (Kaizen) Agreement.

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This is how we get stuff done

Everyone on the same page

During the Discovery Workshop, our business analyst will help you formulate and finetune your goals, vision, and process into a software scope. We help you prioritize and choose features that are realistic within your budget.

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Building something quickly

Validation with rapid prototyping

Building software with the speed of light, this is what we do in the Concept Sprint. We validate assumptions and make idea's tangible. Within a week we develop the most important feature to convince all your stakeholders.

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Building something great

Software that works, every two weeks

Within 40 working days we deliver the first version of your software. A fully working part will be available for testing and feedback every 10 days to make sure we are on the right track.

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Analyse and improve

After building your software we implement the art of “changing to become better”. Regular brainstorms with a business analyst are planned to discuss the current state of your organization and to look for possible improvements. Every month we add features and roll-out updates to make sure we keep users happy.

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Selection of our projects


Knowledge and community platform for teachers

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Location/venue booking platform

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Op Stoom

Internal e-commerce application with budgeting options

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Kwast Wijnkopers

Wholesale catalog management at scale

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A sales companion and audit tool

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App distribution platform for large volumes supported by Docker

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VKG Keurmerk

App to track and manage the entire supply chain for window frames

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Platform for treating mental health patients online

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Nebest Adviesgroep

App to generate inspection reports in seconds

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Ipse de Bruggen

Planning, capacity and workflow platform for company doctors.

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More than 17.000 people are already making use of our software. We want this number to hit 1.000.000 by 2027.

Op dit moment zijn we druk met:

Farm21.tech: IoT sensors and app for smallholder farmers to produce more food.

Op dit moment zijn we druk met:

Progressive web app: knowledge community platform for secondary education teachers.

Op dit moment zijn we druk met:

Tattoo converter: algorithm to automatically convert photos to tattoo stencil.

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