How do you find the right software developer? (2/2)

The second part of our interview with Frank Brouwer from Nova College and Menno Knol from Edualdo. Both are Product Owners that created smart software together with 7Lab. In this interview, we talk about the SCRUM process and the needs of the user. But we start by asking the question: How do you choose the right software developer?

Menno, how do you choose the right software developer?

There are a few things to consider when looking for a software developer. Menno started by writing a Request for Proposal in his search for a software developer. This request included as much information about his needs as possible. ”We tried to figure out how we wanted to collaborate. What do we want to achieve and where can we add value? Why are we passionate about what we want to achieve. We wanted to do this interactively, because the user should be the focus point.”

According to Frank it’s important to get your priorities straight in order for the SCRUM process to run as smooth as possible. ”Up until now everything in the SCRUM process is running smoothly, we are even slightly ahead of scedule. I expect the end result to be as we want it to be.”

Frank Brouwer in een meeting

Menno continues: ”Specific needs we had included making this software together with the user. That has always been our main focus point. So the user ultimately decides what we are going to put on the backlog and which steps we should take. The most important part has always been to focus on the needs of the users.”

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