Fun Friday v2.0: AR, Pipeline & table football

On our Fun Fridays, we do fun stuff at 7Lab. Last time, Bas showed us what the Google Vision Kit looks like. Arjan told us about his efforts to recognise beer bottles with the camera from that Kit. This week we talk about AR, solving errors and a game of table football.

Augmented Reality

Koen explains us how to use AR (Augmented Reality). By adding extra layers to the reality you can pick a pair of new shoes without ever having to try them on. You just simply hold your phone in front of your foot and the extra layer puts it on for you. Sounds simple, but it turns out it’s not.

Augmented Reality met Koen

Errors in the Pipeline

Niels,one of our full stack developers, is in a hyperfocus and works on Pipeline. That is a new project management system, that can hopefully go into service asap. There are some errors to be solved, but that doesn’t rattle his cage. Solving errors is #fun.

Niels werkt aan een project management systeem: Pipeline

Who’s going to win

Screens will make your eyes go square and therefor we play a game of table football every now and then. Thomas, Theo, Arjan and Joey are caught up in a fierce battle. We join the match while the score is equal: 1-1.

Do you want to see more of our workspace? Watch a next episode of Fun Friday next time, or have a look at the previous episode. You can also find us on Insta. Have a nice weekend!


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