How do you start a big software project? (1/2)

To clarify the proces of software development, we’re making a series of video’s in which we interview different people that are involved in the software development process. This time we are talking to Frank Brouwer and Menno Knol, Product Owners at resp. the Nova College and Edualdo. How do you start a big software project? Part one of two videos.

A big software project, Frank where do you start?

”You’ll start a big software project by preparing yourself for the question: what do I want? What do you want to achieve, what do you want to do? And what functionalities does the app you’re aiming have to include?”

Menno chose custom software because he wanted to prioritise the interest of the user. ”I think it was quite a big deal for us to choose custom software over existing software. Mainly because we work with a community. There is a lot of community software available. Big companies like Facebook already use communities, but they have a different interest. We wanted to prioritise the interest of the sector.”

Software project meeting

Frank from the Nova College had had very specific wishes for his software and he knew there wasn’t anything available on the market. ”As an MBO school we knew that other schools would have the same demand. So we thought: Let’s make custom software and hopefully the other ones will join us.”

”I use Forms to keep my stakeholders up to date. Besides that, I use newsletters on our website. The most important people get emails from me. In some discussion groups, I ask for a slot on the agenda, so I can give them a short update.”

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