The best ways to keep the (license) costs of your software limited

License costs for software can give you a serious headache. What looks like a cheap option in the first place can turn into some serious expensises once your company starts growing. How do you prevent your business from getting into skyrocketing costs?

Where to start?

Your first concern should be the number of people that is are to use the software. Think about the expected growth of your company. Companies like Salesforce and Hubspot can provide really useful software when your company is still small. Hubspot offers a limited version of its software for instance. Useful if you want to organize your company and want to gain insight for instance in leads and contacts.

Do you want to step it up a notch and are you looking for personalised marketing tools, then you are looking at price tags of between €46 and €2944 euro’s a month in licence costs. What seemed like a cheap option can turn into a large expense in no time.

How big do you want to become?

For companies with a large number of employees, custom software could be a better and cheaper option. It requires a significant investment in the first place. The questions you should ask yourself should therefor be: How many people are going to use the software and when will this become a cheaper option?

Have you gotten your facts straight, then you can look into the option that custom software has to offer. Custom software allows you to combine different functionalities, instead of using different software for different functionalities. Through this you can save a lot of money.

Which functionalities should your app or software include? Skip all the non-essential issues and focus on the essentials. This will keep you from wasting labour hours in the next stages of your software development. A good software developer helps you skip functionalities. You want software that can be used as soon as possible after all.

Good software developers will be able to provide you with a working version of your software or app within one or two weeks. The first version should give you a lot of feedback. Embrace that feedback to perfect your software.

Make sure you think about the functionalities you want to incorporate in your software and the number of users that are going to working with the software. Bear in mind that your company could grow quickly. On the basis of these factors, you can determine the best option for your company.

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