What does a Full Stack Developer do within a software project?

Arjan Kempes gives us a behind the scenes look at 7Lab. He explains his role as a Full Stack Developer within a software project. And what is the difference between a frontend and a backend developer anyways?

A Full Stack Developer, what does he do?

Arjan: ”A Full Stack Developer is not only working on the frontend, the part the client gets to see, but also with the part behind the scenes, the backend. There are two types of developers, de Frontend Developer en de Backend Developer. The overpowering developer is called a Full Stack Developer, mastering both the frontend and the backend.”

Full Stack Developer Arjan at work

But what does a developer do?

”A developer transfers the design or wireframes into a webapplication or app. He makes sure that the parts that are being made can be re-used, keeping a single styling throughout the entire app. It is not only the graphical part that’s being made, but also everything that happens behind the scenes. When a user clicks a button, an action has to be made. A navigation takes place or something is being saved. ”

And a Lead Developer?

”As a Lead Developer I am keeping an overview of the project. I make sure everyone is executing their tasks and that the right steps are being taken. I monitor the working hours and make sure that we don’t exceed the budget. Making sure that the customer is being informed on the status of the project is another of my tasks. ”

So there you have it, the Full Stack Developer. Do you want to know more about the different roles in the Scrum team? Check out this clip about Joey, our Scrum Master. Do you want to build custom software for your company? Contact Bas!


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