What is the role of a Scrum Master in the Scrum team?

A Scrum Master is a crucial player in the Scrum team, but why? And what is the difference between a Scrum Master dan an IT-Accelerator? Joey Houtenbos explains his role as a Scrum Master at 7Lab.

Joey, what does a Scrum Master do?

”As Scrum Master at 7Lab I organise Scrum meetings, like the review meeting, the retrospective and ofcourse I plan each Sprint. I make sure all tasks are being executed and that the team understands all the user stories. During the retrospective, you’ll look back at the Sprint. How did the team perform? How did the Product Owner perform and how can we improve ourselves, making the next Sprint even more succesful. During the review meeting, the team presents their work. The Product Owner gives them feedback, so that they can adjust their work for the next Sprint.”

Scrum Master Joey at work

Why should you have a Scrum Master in your team?

”You should include a Scrum Master in your team, because he/she is the person that can talk with the development team as well as the Product Owner. This way you’ll ensure your workflow is optimised.”

What is the difference with an IT-Accelerator?

”The IT-Accelerator focusses more on the business side of things. He supports the Product Owner. As a Scrum Master, I am somewhat more independent and I am the link between the team and the Product Owner.”

We hope the have given you some insights on the role of the Scrum Master. Check out our blog for other videos about different players within the Scrum team.


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