What is the role of an IT Accelerator in a SCRUM team?

To clarify the process of developing custom software, we’ve created a series of videos showing different people in our team. This time we have a talk with Koen ter Velde. He explains the tasks of an IT Accelerator. A written summary of this interview can be found below.

Koen, what is an IT Accelerator?

”An IT Accelerator is someone that supports the Product Owner in a SCRUM process in elaborating functionalities and making decisions during the development of custom software. I think an IT Accelerator can be seen as someone who can help share thoughts both on the IT side as well as on the business side. And is able to find a good combination between the two.”

Why should you have one in your team?

”An IT Accelerator makes sure that the needs of the Product Owner are elaborated. Secondly he makes sure they are translated and taken care of by the development team. He must be able to understand the business side of the Product Owner, the customer, as well as the IT environment that the developers are in.”

What is de difference between a Business Analist and an IT Accelerator?

”The difference between a Business Analist and an IT Accelerator is that the last one is closer to the IT side of things. He will be able to have a more technical approach and should therefor have more technical knowledge as well. This allows him to be able to quickly judge on whether a piece of business functionality is achievable or realistic.”

IT Accelerator Koen

In which way are you helping the Product Owner?

”One of the things I do during a project is helping a Product Owner set priorities. That is often hard for a Product Owner, because he has no experience with IT projects and therefor doesn’t know what the consequences of his decisions can be.”

Do you want to learn more about the different roles within a IT project? Check out this video on our blog about the SCRUM Master. You can also find our videos on Vimeo.

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