Concept Sprint

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Building software with the speed of light, this is what we do in the Concept Sprint. We validate assumptions and make idea's tangible. Within a week we develop the most important feature to convince all your stakeholders.

What you will get in the Concept Sprint

New insights by observation

Two business analysts will take a deep dive into your organization to experience and understand the current business processes. This gives new insights into what and how to build the software.

A clickable wireframe is created to make sure we are on the same page.

Clickable wireframes

Our team of developers will build a fully working prototype that will include the most important feature of the project. This is then used as a starting point for the rest of the project.

Validation with stakeholders

Feedback is gathered by letting stakeholders test the prototype.

A better scope

Feedback from stakeholders is used to finetune scope and priority of features.


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1 till 2 weeks

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€8K - 15K

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Our services

From the first scetch to the continuous improvement of your software, we guarantee you the best service.

Together, we'll make working as fun and easy as possible for you, your colleagues and customers.


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