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During the Discovery Workshop, our business analyst will help you formulate and finetune your goals, vision, and process into a software scope. We help you prioritize and choose features that are realistic within your budget.

What do you get in the Discovery Workshop?

Clear vision

We will describe what the software is, for whom and what the added value should be.

Measurable goals

We describe what the goals of the project are. These are the reasons for starting the project.

New ideas

We come up with new and innovative ideas based on our extensive technical experience.

Defined scope

We will define what is necessary for the first version of the software that delivers enough value for its users.

Discover technical requirements

We describe what the minimum technical requirements are. This is the hardware the software should run on.

Accurate estimate

What will the project cost based on your priorities? We will make an accurate estimate so you can make decisions about functionality within your budget.

New and improved process

We provide a description of your business process, which will be assisted/powered by software.

Insight in datamodel

We will clearly describe what data will be saved and how the different entities relate to each other inside the software.

GDPR advice

We will give you an advice on how we can make the software GDPR compliant and how data should be managed.

Suggestions for security

We will give suggestions on security measures you should take to prevent security leaks and data loss.

Advice on stability

We will give you an advice on how you need to setup a stable and scalable technical architecture.


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5-10 workdays

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Op dit moment zijn we druk met: IoT sensoren en app voor smallholder farmers om meer voedsel te produceren.

Op dit moment zijn we druk met:

Tattoo converter: algoritme om foto's automatisch naar tattoo stencil om te zetten.

Op dit moment zijn we druk met:

Progressive web app: kennis community platform voor voortgezet onderwijs docenten.

Onze diensten

Vanaf het eerste idee tot aan de continue verbetering van je software, ben je verzekerd van de beste begeleiding.  

Samen maken we leven op werk voor jou, je collega's en je klanten zo leuk en makkelijk mogelijk.

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